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9 Signs a Pisces Man Likes You & Has Feelings For You

9 Signs a Pisces Man Likes You & Has Feelings For You

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There is something totally magical and special about a Pisces man.

These guys are just so in tune with their emotions and sensitive side.

However, it seems like most Pisces men live in a bit of a dream world. This makes it totally impossible to tell if a Pisces man likes you or not.

He’s so friendly and empathetic, which can make the situation a little confusing.

Is he just being nice, or does he actually like you more than friends?

A Pisces man can make you feel truly seen and understood. But how can you know with certainty that a Pisces man likes you?

The main signs a Pisces man likes you is when he understands your emotions and feelings. He is always thoughtful and checks up on how you are feeling.

You seem to inspire him to make beautiful art and he trusts you enough to share all of his emotional vulnerabilities with you.

Here are the most clear-cut signs a Pisces man has deep feelings for you.

1. He Understands Your Emotions

One of the best qualities of a Pisces man is his highly intuitive and empathetic nature.

He will always know things without you having to say a word.

He will know in an instant how you are feeling, especially if you are feeling down about something.

When a Pisces man likes you, he’ll be there for you when you aren’t feeling yourself.

He is the type of guy you can have a conversation with about whatever you have going on.

He will likely be able to give you great advice, and if that isn’t what you need, just a very empathetic ear to listen to your troubles.

2. He Checks In On You

Pisces men are extremely caring, especially when they have deep feelings for a woman.

When a Pisces man likes you, he is going to want to check on you every chance he gets.

He is definitely the type of guy to send good morning and good evening text messages.

He likes to keep in touch throughout the day and is genuinely concerned with how you are doing.

If a Pisces man likes you more than a friend then he is going to show you he cares through his actions.

3. He Is Thoughtful

Signs a Pisces Man Likes You - He Is Thoughtful
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Pisces men aren’t very direct, in fact, they are quite shy.

He just isn’t the type of guy to come out straight telling you how he feels.

He is more likely to show you through his actions that he cares about you.

When a Pisces man likes you, he will show you through his romantic and affectionate gestures.

All he wants to do is to make you happy and feel special.

He’ll shower you with gifts and give you many compliments. And when you go on a date you will be blown away by how romantic he can be.

You’ll see that he really listens to what you like and dislike.

The effort he puts into you will be astounding.

4. He Follows Your Lead

Pisces men tend to be extremely shy, especially when their heart is on the line.

They are very sensitive and scared of rejection.

A Pisces man will never come out and directly say how he feels, instead, he will wait for you to make a move.

You might think this means that he isn’t interested in you, but no, he just wants you to feel comfortable.

This is why he waits for you and lets you take the lead.

But don’t worry, when a Pisces knows that you are interested in him, he’ll definitely start pulling out all the moves.

5. You Are Part of His Plans

Pisces men are notoriously bad at sticking to schedules and plans.

These gentlemen much prefer going with the flow in their life.

It is all about the journey and not the destination for them.

However, when a Pisces man likes you, he will start including you in his loose plans for the future.

He will start discussing his dreams with you and let you know that he wants you by his side.

This is often an indicator that he has really deep feelings for you.

6. You Inspire Him

Signs a Pisces Guy Likes You - You Inspire Him
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More often than not a Pisces man will have some kind of creative ability.

He might be a talented artist, musician, or even a poet.

It is really important for him to have a medium to express himself. So when a Pisces man likes you, you will become his muse.

He’ll write songs about you or paint a little portrait of you.

This is his way of letting you know that you are special to him and that he cares about you deeply.

If you are inspiring him creatively, then it is a very good sign that he has strong feelings for you.

7. He Trusts You

Signs a Pisces Man Has Feelings For You - He Trusts You
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Trust can be very hard for a Pisces man.

He definitely knows what it feels like to be hurt by people, and this is why he is rather protective of his heart.

He believes in the best of people, but through experience, he has come to understand that not everyone is honest or to be trusted.

However, when a Pisces man likes you, he’ll open up to you and make sure you know that he trusts you.

He’ll let you in on his secrets as well as his greatest hopes and fears.

A Pisces man might seem like an open book, but there are many things he will keep privately until he finds someone he can trust.

8. He Shares His Spiritual Side with You

A Pisces man has a deeply profound spiritual side.

This is a man who is seeking and looking for all the answers in life.

When a Pisces man likes you, he is going to want to show you his spiritual side and let you in on what his beliefs are.

He might be quite fond of meditation or yoga, or perhaps he is a practicing Buddhist.

But if he lets you in on this side of himself, then chances are good that he has feelings for you.

This is his way of showing you his vulnerability and who he is at his core.

Not many people get to see this side of him, so count yourself lucky.

9. You Make Him Nervous

Pisces men are quite sensitive.

This can make them a little insecure and anxious, especially when they are around someone they have feelings for.

When a Pisces man likes you, you will notice him becoming hesitant and nervous around you.

Like being in your presence is stressful to them.

This means that he cares what you think about him and that he is afraid of leaving a bad impression.

He wants you to like him and this is why he gets so nervous.

You are clearly an important person to him!